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Rolex Basel Watch 2017 New Chronograph Watch?

Basel Watch From Baselworld

Baselworld 2017 is at last here and the hours are tallying down to see what Rolex will disclose Basel Watch. Did any other individual notice the outline of a chronograph watch on the principle flag of their site? A high contrast picture that peruses:

You may feel a feeling of quiet (or ghostliness) from the picture. Omega “Clouded Side of the Moon” fans may feel chills taking a gander at it – and Pink Floyd fans may even get a shiver. Whichever camp you’re in, it would seem that a moon or Basel Watch net… with a clouded side. The edge around the situation where the bezel would be looks incomplete. Like a crude steel puck that simply hit the CNC machine and is hanging tight for the following stage underway.

Rudimentary, My Dear Watson

What we noticed:

  • What we took note:
  • The bezel crown watchman is absent.
  • The crown is significantly adjusted.
  • The pushers are tiny.
  • The pushers have a kind of hold like the crown.

The hauls are in an unexpected situation in comparison to a run of the mill Rolex watch.

It nearly resembles an advanced form of a return pre-Daytona 6238 chronograph. Envision the chronograph pushers, however without the tops on them.

So WHAT is it?

In any case, this is a bizarre picture. Rolex is planning some mischief and it’s disturbing our brains!

Rolex doesn’t accomplish irregular things without premise. Anyway, for what reason would they post a photograph of a watch case with pushers on the off chance that they had no goal of discharging another chronograph? Furthermore, for what reason would they discharge a chronograph when they as of now have the Daytona? Is it true that they are arranging something progressive?

Possibly it will be a lower cost chronograph. With a date. That doesn’t require being on an AD’s shortlist for a year? (That last one sounds unrealistic. Also, we as a whole know, if it’s unrealistic, it most likely is.) Or, possibly it’s a smartwatch? Joking!

We’ll Tell You

You better accept the Rolex corner will be our first stop at the show. All things considered, it’s truly difficult to stay away from since that is one of the primary stalls you keep running into when entering the fundamental hall. See our video voyage through Baselworld Basel Watch here (, still pertinent today since nothing at Basel Watch ever changes (with the exception of when they introduced the enormous feathered creatures home looking open arch craftsmanship piece above the Messeplatz).

When we get the scoop, we’ll post it here as we generally do during Basel Watch! Stay tuned and inquire.

Questions Answers

Is an all steel earthenware bezel Daytona?
No, that was at that point released last year.

Is a Coke or Pepsi bezel steel GMT-Master II?
No, yet that watch is foreseen to be another 2017 discharge. Moreover, didn’t you see the cracking pushers?!

Earthenware bezel Rolex Explorer II?
Pushers, individuals… pushers!

Is it another chronograph Tudor?
No. That would be on the Tudor site.

A new Yacht-Master II that isn’t $20,000?

What amount is the new chronograph?
We don’t have the foggiest idea whether it really exists yet

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